How old do you have to be to get a tattoo or body piercing?

Although the legal age of consent for a tattoo is 18 years there is currently no legally set age for body piercing. However, you will find that, as at the Maxx studio, most piercers will insist on a minimum age of 16 without a parent present.

Do tattoo's hurt

Tattoos can be painful depending on where on the body you are tattooed and also depending on the person, as no two people are the same. However, we do now offer a pain free option whereby the discomfort is greatly reduced thus offering almost every one the option to be tattooed.

I have a medical condition, will this affect me?

Certain medical conditions will affect whether or not you can be tattooed or pierced, If you are uncertain it is best to check with the tattoo studio or your own GP prior to making your booking.

Why do tattoos cost more for certain places on the body?

Tattoos can cost more in certain places as the skin differs on certain parts of the body. If, for instance, if you had a tattoo on the base of the back you would have to lean forward to have the tattoo applied. This would make the skin stretch and the tattoo would take longer to complete and so would be more costly.

I am scared that I might pass out or be sick

We try to ensure the everyone is relaxed and comfortable before we start. If you are nervous we can provide screens around you for more privacy should you find the whole thing to overwhelming. If you wish, we can always arrange for an appointment at a quieter time in the week.

How long does a tattoo take?

The time it takes to complete a tattoo can depend on the size and complexity of the design and also where it is placed on the body.

How long do tattoos take to heal?

A tattoo can take from one to three weeks to heal depending on the individual and whether or not the after care advice you have being given is followed correctly.

Do you do facial tattoos?

Other than cosmetic we would endeavor to discourage facial tattoos, this is not political or a personal preference. We feel that others’ perceptions of people with facial tattoos could jeopardise their position with work, home and social life and we would not like to be responsible for such changes. We also would not be party to any discriminative tattoos of any nature.

If there is anything else you would like to know please do not hesitate to contact us.