Health and Safety Information

Health & safety of our clients, whilst being tattooed or pierced is of paramount importance.

The Maxx tattoo studio is local health authority registered. At the Maxx we always ensure every client receiving a service receives clean sterile equipment. All our needles are sterile single use only. As further reassurance these are opened in front of the clients.

All equipment that is reusable i.e. clamps or tubes are ultrasonically cleaned before being put through our state of the art vacuum autoclave ensuring that every item is sterile prior to use. This combination of high quality sterile materials and our expertise and attention to hygiene enables us to obtain first class results whilst giving you full piece of mind.

All our disposables and any waste matter is collected by a registered waste management company. Should you require any information regarding any aspect of our health and safety policy please feel free to contact us so we may put your mind at ease.